Web3 domain registration data

Web3 domain names are the starting point for three next-generation technologies:
Web 3.0, Blockchain, and Metaverse. Web3 domain names can be used as:
   – Web 3.0 websites and apps addresses;
   – Cryptocurrency wallet addresses that are human-readable and easy to remember;
   – Metaverse user IDs with NFT authentications;
   – Collectable NFTs.

ENS Domain Registration Statistics

Web3 domain names are NFT tokens. Like rare pieces of art, Web3 domain names have collection and trade values.
– In 1999, the domain name business.com was sold for $7.5 million. In 2007, business.com was resold for $350 million.
– In August 2021, Budweiser purchased the  domain name bear.eth for 30 ETHs, now valued at around $120k.
– In 2017, the domain name darkmarket.eth was sold for 20,103 ETHs, now valued at around $80 million.

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